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Travelling with Your Pet? 13 Things You Shouldn't Leave Your Home Without

 Chris Cole 

There is nothing sweeter and more fun than travelling abroad with your best friend. Even better, travelling with your furry companion and exploring the new destination side by side. Since they are practically members of the family, they deserve to be pampered and taken on adventures.And how much do we love them? Well, according to statistics, we cherish them enough that people in yhe UK have spent over £7 billion on pet-related products and care in 2015 alone.Of course, you can't put a price on love, so it's no surprise that pet travel is becoming an unavoidable trend. Numerous hotels, resorts, and spas now offer an open invitation to pet owners to come and enjoy a specially designed space for the two of them.However, taking your pet on such a journey requires preparation. Just like you plan ahead for yourself and think about what clothes and accessories to bring according to location and weather, you have to do the same for your pet.

How to Get Started

a doctor checks dog's health

Before you say au revoir and leave, you have to be sure the hotel/resort is pet-friendly. When calling to make reservations, ensure you book a spot for your little one. Also, ask about s mini fridge to see if you have a place to store raw food and other pet goodies.From there on, you will need to pay a visit to your vet well in advance to arrange a pet passport or ensure your pet passport is valid and has not expired. Keep them safe, as every country has different regulations check your destinations regulations well in advance .Take the prescribed pet medication and get a temporary ID tag with your information and phone number on it. Also, another vital thing to remember is to check the airline's pet policy and get a suitable airline approved pet carrier crate.

What to Put on Your Pet Travel Checklist

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Always make a list of essentials to increase the coziness of your pet travel. Given that it's the summer season, you can easily find a lot of pet necessities and solutions at a discount. That said, take out your pen and write down everything you need to do and have by your side to protect your loving companion at all times.1. Double check the reservation. Better safe than sorry, so double check if your pet is on the reservation list.2. Vaccination records. You can't take him anywhere without his little passport.3. Collar and a lead. It goes without saying, a collar and a leash will keep the pet safe from wandering around the new location. (Don't forget the poop bags as well).4. Water and a bowl. Always carry a bottle of water and consider purchasing a collapsible water bowl for the travel convenience.5. First aid kit. There are numerous pet aid kits out there, so be sure to acquire one for a safer trip.6. Food. A couple of meals and treats packed will assure your dog remains healthy and feed.7. Blankets and seat covers. We all know how pets can be frisky and curious, so protect the seats with blankets and covers, especially if you travel by car. The same goes for seat belt harness, as your pet will have to wear a seatbelt in the car.8. Toys. Pets don't handle long journeys well, thus bring some entertainment to keep them relaxed.9. Their bed. Some pets are accustomed to sleeping only in their bed. If this is the case with your pet, bring their dog bed for a good night's sleep.10. Lifejacket and raincoats. See what climate can you expect and prepare safety coats and jackets for your pet's safety.11. Grooming supplies. Shampoos, conditioners, brushes, pet clippers, and more should definitely be on the list of pet travel essentials.12. A tag. Again, the pet tag is vital for keeping track of your pet. Don't forget to pack it!Your pet relies on you for support, so you need to keep


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