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Puppy Bowls and Treats

Bowls and Treats for Puppies.

Yes your puppy is adorable and playful but nearly all of them will chew anything they can get their chops around; furniture, your new expensive shoes, and sofa cushions are all likely victims! Constant chewing is a natural puppy behavior that reduces the discomfort of their developing teeth and strengthens their jaws. To prevent damage it is essential to provide your puppy with engaging toys that they are safe to chew. It is a good idea to have a few different versions which you can rotate when your puppy gets bored with one. We stock top quality Nylabone puppy teething rings and chews. These are softer than adult dog chews and will let your puppy work out this developmental behaviour in a non-destructive way whilst also keeping their teeth clean.

We also have some puppy-sized food bowls for the floor and water bowls which attach securely to the side of your puppy crate

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