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10 Essential Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool and Happy This Summer

Being a committed pet parent, you’ll be aware that your dog enjoys summer just as much as you do. The benefits of the warm weather now means that p...


Why Your Puppy STILL Isn't Fully Housetrained

Does it feel like it's taking forever to housetrain your puppy? They may have one perfect day, then three accidents the next. The truth is, that pu...


Your Puppy's Teeth During Their First Year

During your puppy's first year of life, they'll go through the same dental stages that we go through in our first 10 years. Here's what you can exp...


Keep Your Dog Safe: The Importance of Checking and Replacing Leads and Harnesses

Every dog owner enjoys taking their pet on walks and outdoor adventures, however, it's important to ensure they're safe and secure. The most import...


The Best Places to Walk Your Dog in the UK: From Coastal Paths to City Parks

Although walking your dog is essential to maintaining their wellbeing, it can occasionally seem as though you are taking the same old routes every ...


Grooming Essentials: Top Tips on Dog Grooming!

Dog grooming isn't just about maintaining a pretty coat or ensuring your furry friend smells fresh. It goes far deeper as it impacts your dog's hea...