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Dog Toys

Dog Toys

We have a wide range of interactive dog toys for pets including Plush, Balls, Nylabone, interactive puzzles and rawhide chews and value toys - you're sure to find something to keep your dog amused for hours. Young and lively dogs need stimulation which you can't always be on hand to provide. What you can do is make sure that your dog always has an interesting toy to keep their minds occupied.

Ideally, you should have several toys and rotate them so your dog doesn't get bored. If you find a toy that your dog absolutely loves then buy a few spares so you can replace it when your dog has savaged it beyond recognition! If your dog is a dribbler then rubber toys make sense as they don't soak up the slobber and you can easily wash them. If your dog is displaying destructive behaviour like chewing furniture, shoes or cushions then it could need extra stimulation. So get some colourful interesting shaped toys and encourage your pooch to play with them.

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