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Puppy Toys

Choose a toy that is suitable for your Puppy. Some puppies are particularly destructive. The instant they get a toy they will rip into it, spread the stuffing all over your home as they find and destroy the squeaker. You need to choose a harder rubber or canvas toy for these dogs because they will last longer. You also may have a puppy that will swallow anything. You need to keep soft toys, fabrics, stuffing, and squeakers well away from these puppies as it could all end up inside your puppy with potentially terrible consequences. For these dogs the Skinneeez range of toys is perfect - no stuffing or squeakers just an interesting, hardwearing toy that you can machine wash. 

Other puppies have a more positive relationship with soft toys; they will carry them around and snuggle them rather than rip them to bits. For these puppies, you can choose a soft Rogz toy. You will need to provide these dogs with teething toys as well.

Puppies like stimulation so rolling toys and balls are great for them. The Tug Life range are great toys for high energy puppies. Your puppy can safely chew the rubber balls on their own or you can play fetch with them or even tug of war!

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