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Q. Are Dog Collars Cruel?
A. In most cases no. If your dog collar fits comfortably around your dog's neck then in most cases it is not cruel. However, dogs that pull on their collars constantly can cause damage to their windpipes. If you have a boisterous dog that lunges suddenly with force while on the lead this can also cause discomfort or damage. Some dogs pull and wriggle or have small heads and can slip out of their neck collars. In all these cases, you should only use the collar to hang your pet id tag to. For control while training and on walks, you should use a dog harness.

Q. What types of dog harness are there?
A. You can buy a head or body harness for your dog. Note that with a head harness you should introduce it to your dog slowly so they become comfortable with the feel and action. Body harnesses are variable and fit around the legs and upper chest. They don't put any pressure on your dog's throat and give you more power to control large or boisterous pets.

Q. How Does a Dog Head Harness work?
A. A head dog harness fits around the head and muzzle. When you apply pressure on your lead the dogs head, and therefore where they are looking, is pulled round to face you. This stops your dog staring at the cat or squirrel it wants to chase and brings its focus back to you and your commands.

Humane Spray Training Collars

There are several types of collars that can help you train your pet. We supply several safe and humane versions. Spray collars are remote control operated. When you observe a bad behaviour you press a button and a cold spray of air is directed at the dog's neck. This is painless but the surprise stops your dog in their tracks giving you time to correct the behaviour. If your bog has developed excessive barking patterns you can use a bark training collar to help adjust their behaviour. If your dog barks the collar automatically releases a jet of citronella. It is harmless but the distinct odour surprises your dog and stops them barking.

Nightime Safety

When your dog is being exercised at night time you need to take some additional steps to protect them from traffic. We stock a range of reflective and flashing collars, jackets, leads, harnesses and collar jewels.

Head Collars

These look a bit like muzzles. They are leads with a couple of extra loops that fit around your dogs head and over their jaws. If your dog is walking beside you and not pulling on the lead the loops are loose. As soon as the dog starts to pull on the lead the loops tighten restricting the motion of the head. The dog responds to this by moving backwards and they stop pulling on the lead. Note the loop does not go around the dog's neck so it does not act as a choke collar or interfere with their breathing in any way. These collars are really useful for training dogs of any age that tend to pull on the lead.