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Dog Coats

Waterproof Dog Coats and Jackets

View our wide range of Waterproof Dog Raincoats, Softshell and Reflective Dog Jackets.

A dog raincoat is a great accessory for three reasons:

1) It keeps your dog, and therefore your house and car, clean and dry.

2) For extreme weather or short coated animals it keeps your dog warm.

3) High viz dog raincoats are safer for you and your pet when walking in the dark.

Q. Does my dog need a coat?
A. Actually it could! Chihuahuas, Toy Terriers, Miniature Pinchers and other small breeds normally need a coat to keep them warm in cold, windy and wet weather. Lean, short-haired breeds like Whippets and Greyhounds also need them. For other breeds - if you have an old dog who is not in good health you may also need to get them a coat.

Q. How Do I measure My Dog for A Coat?
A. While your dog is standing up - measure from the base of the dog’s neck (where the collar would sit) and to the base of the tail. Some coats are sized in centimetres and some in inches so double check which measurement is being used and make sure you have measured in the same unit.

Q. Why do I need a reflective coat?
A. Reflective coats light up strongly when they are illuminated with light. This could be light from a passing car or streetlight. The sudden appearance of this reflected light makes your dog stand out clearly. This is safer for them but also for you - if there is no footpath where you walk your dog their reflective coat could prevent both you and your pooch from being hit by traffic. If your dog doesn't need a coat for warmth you can buy a light reflective vest instead.

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Why Do I Need A Dog Coat?

Dog coats are actually very useful dog accessories. The high vis dog jackets are brightly coloured and reflective making your dog much easier to see in low light levels. Car headlights light the jackets up like beacons so they are the best way to keep your dog safe at night. Short-haired and older dogs can find cold and damp conditions very unpleasant if not positively unhealthy. Protect your pooch by getting them a dog coat to keep the wind off them and to provide an extra layer of warmth. This is particularly important for very lean breeds like lurchers, greyhounds and whippets who have virtually no insulating body fat. Even better buy a waterproof dog coat to form a barrier between their coats and the rain. Not only will your dog be happier but your home will be drier, cleaner and much less smelly!

Dog Boots

OK dog boots do look a bit daft and they take your dog a bit of time to get used to but in some circumstances, they are a vital item for your dog. They are primarily designed for cold temperature protection. If your dog is out in freezing conditions they prevent their feet from getting too cold. However, they can also keep an injured foot clean and protected and they are useful to protect your dogs paws from scorching hot surfaces too.