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7 Things You Must Have Before Adopting a Dog

 Chris Cole 

Adopting a dog is a thrilling idea. It is very easy to get seduced by this idea and it can cause you to jump at it without giving it serious thought. No matter how exciting this might be for you, you have to sit down and find out what you need to have before your new furry friends comes into your life.Don't worry; if you feel clueless, we have compiled a list of 7 things you must have before adopting a dog. Some of these are absolute necessities and they will make the entire process easier for both you and your adopted dog.


Dogs have to eat. And it is important to know that they don't eat our food. Before your new pet comes to your home, make sure to get some dog food. There are a lot of options for this on the market. But, whether you decide to go with dry or canned food, we are sure that your new furry friend will appreciate it. After all, you don't want to welcome your new family member with a dry piece of bread.

Food and Water Bowls

The next items on the must have list are food and water bowls. You will need to get those before the new “good boy/girl” arrives. Having food and water bowls makes things a lot easier for you since you won't have to take one of your dishes and use it for this purpose. If you get a large dog you may wish to get a stand for these bowls to prevent any neck strain while he eats. Double diner dog bowls might just be the thing that you need. A little advice when it comes to cleaning food and water bowls: while some people advise to clean those after each meal, it would be sufficient to clean them at least once per day. Keep them shiny and your puppy will love you for it.

ID Tag, Collar, Leash, Poop Disposal Bags

I've decided to put these dog accessories in the same category. First of all, you will need to get a collar for your dog. There are a variety of collars on the market regarding size, width and colour. You can get the one to match the fur of your dog, make sure your collar selection is wide enough not to dig in to your Dog's neck if he pulls. Then you should get a stylish ID tag to put your and your name and address (although this information is contained in a chip located under your dog's neck skin).When it comes to the lead you want to get, go for one that's at least 4 feet long. You will use this one on a daily basis when you are walking your dog. And, for this occasion, you will need plastic dog poop disposal bags. It is not only polite to pick up after your dog but it also hygienic. So, make sure to do so.

Dog Bed

Puppies can spend up to 16 hours a day sleeping whilst adult dogs sleep less a good comfortable bed is essential for well. This is why you have to get a bed for your dog to sleep. There are various options on the market for dog beds. It would be wise to get the correct dog bed size and one that's easy to clean.

Brush and/or Comb

Depending on the length of your dog's fur, you will have to get a brush (for shorter hair), or a comb (for longer hair). It is necessary to maintain your dog's fur by regularly grooming it, especially during the shedding periods (autumn and spring). When regularly maintained, your dog's skin will remain healthy and the fur will look pretty, shiny, and be soft to the touch.


We have come to probably the dog's favorite item on the list – toys. Your dog will love them. You have a variety of options here ranging from balls to all kinds of ropes. Dog's love their toys and you will be able to use them to play with your dog. Trust us, your dog will love you for playing with it and its toys.


Dog treats are a must have. They are used to shape the behaviour of dogs. You can use them to reward good behaviour or sometimes, just to treat them. Dogs love getting a bonus they'll love you even more when you, all of a sudden, pop out the quick snack from your pocket.These things will get you started as a new dog owner. Over time, you may identify some new items that you will need for your dog. But, the ones we have mentioned above are absolute necessities that you have to get before you get committed to owning a pet. Dogs are very interactive and they will be ready to spend their days with you whenever you ask them to.



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