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Dog Training

Dog Training

Training your dog is important for three reasons:
1) it ensures you can control your dog for their safety and the safety of other people and animals,
2) it is stimulating for your dog
3) it strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Training should be a regular part of your weekly schedule, ideally, it should happen every day. You can do a bit of training on your daily walks - with a treat pouch and lots of small healthy snacks it's easy to reinforce commands your dog knows. You can also start to introduce new ones. Training can be hard especially for 'spirited' dogs. If you don't feel that your dog is trained sufficiently read one of our training books.

Read all about how using clickers as part of training your dog could help:  https://www.doggiesolutions.co.uk/blogs/helpful-articles-and-advice/a-beginners-guide-to-clicker-training

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