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Dog Tags & IDs
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Dog Tags for Collars, Pet ID Tags with Identity Engraved and Free UK delivery!

Dog tags are essential if your furry friend goes missing. Even the best trained, most house loving dog can be spooked or find chasing the neighbour's cat irresistible now and again. Exterior stimuli are outside your control so make sure your dog always has an identifying dog tag on them. As a minimum, the dog tag should have your up to date phone number and ideally the dog's name too. If your pet has any serious health issues or needs regular medication it is also a good idea to put this information on the tag. Dog tags are not just practical, they can also be beautiful so try some interesting textures, colours and add jewels to make your pooch look even more spectacular.

Dog Tag FAQ

Q. Do the tags come already engraved or is it extra?
A. We engrave the dog tags you order with the personal information you provide at no extra cost. So your dog ID tags can be as personalised and contain whatever information you want.
Q. How much are engraved dog tags?
A. Our engraved dog tags range in price from £2.99 up to £11 for premium steel, laser engraved tags.
Q. What to put on a dog tag?
A. As a minimum you would normally include your house number, postcode and 1 or 2 contact phone numbers. You may want to additionally include something like 'I am microchipped'.