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Collars and Leads

Puppy Collars and Leads.

We have everything you need to keep your puppy safely secured whilst on walks or in the car. A well-fitting and good quality car safety harness is essential. These harnesses fit around your puppy's chest and attach to the car seat belt housing. If you have to brake suddenly the chest harness will safely secure your dog with no damage to their delicate neck or throat. You can also clip your lead to these chest harnesses so you can take your puppy straight from the car and out on a walk. Chest harnesses are often better than neck collars for puppies when they are outside in highly stimulating environments. Your puppy may well pull or try to chase things. A chest harness provides you with more control and prevents damage to your puppy's windpipe if they suddenly try to run.

Lurching and attempts to chase are quite common. If you are using a neck collar then this can cause damage to your dog's neck and your arms. A shock absorber lead attachment is a really good idea. You attach this to the end of your dog's lead. It is designed to absorb the force of a sudden change in force slowly so you and your dog have to time to react and the forces on your joints are reduced. For the same reason, retractable cord leads are perfect for puppies. You can allow some of the lead to feed out if your puppy lurches but slow or stop the lead from extending at any time. As your puppy moves back towards you the lead safely retracts into the housing so you and your puppy don't get in a tangle.

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