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Tips for getting your dog to take their pills.

Tips for getting your dog to take their pills. 

Dogs are notorious for not taking pill or spitting them out amongst food or even just knowing there about to have to take a pill, here are some tips to help your take their pills so they can live a happier and healthier life. When giving your dog a pill, canned dog food or cooked lean meat are best because treats like peanut butter balls might make it more difficult for your dog to maintain a healthy weight. Please be aware, though, that using raw meat carries the risk of health issues like salmonella and is not advised.

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Below are a list of various methods and techniques to help get your dog taking their pills.


Washing your hands

If your dog has already caught on and knows you're trying to get them to take their pills, you should probably wash your hands first. Since dogs have much better senses of smell than humans do, you should try to wash as much of the scent from the pills as you can if your dog is already wary of them.


Pill Pockets

Treats called "pill pockets" can be moulded to fit around pills, completely encasing them. They are offered in most stores and come in a variety of shapes and flavours. This method can prove quite effective especially if your dog loves the treat casing the pill.


Peanut butter

Due to its stickiness, peanut butter works well for encouraging your dog to swallow pills because it makes it more difficult for them to be easily spit out. Just make sure the peanut butter is free of xylitol, a synthetic sweetener that can be fatal to animals.



Another fantastic option for giving your dog pills is cheese. It's simple to shape, and you can completely conceal their pill inside a tiny piece. Additionally, because most dogs adore cheese, if your dog gets overly excited for their treat, they might just swallow it whole without even realising it contains a pill.

Another method to try when giving your dog pills is using hot dogs or sausage. They can enjoy sausages so much that the aroma and eagerness to eat one can cause the dog to swallow it without even noticing the pill I hid inside.


Might meatballs

You can prepare some entertaining meatballs for your dog. In this situation, you can make some "meatballs" by soaking some dry kibble in water, grinding it up, and then hiding the pill inside. Simply form a meatball with ground beef if you feed raw.


Use Creamy Textures

Additionally, foods with a creamy texture can disguise pills and turn them into delectable treats. Here, we're referring to items like cream cheese, plain pumpkin, and peanut butter.

These are effective because the dog finds it difficult to separate the pills from the creamy consistency due to their stickiness. The likelihood is that the dog will simply swallow the entire mixture whole.


Other forms of medication

If your dog still refuses to take the pill, you may need to administer the medication in other forms. For instance, your veterinarian might recommend liquid medications. By inserting the tip of the syringe close to the back teeth on either side, you can administer liquids to your dog using a syringe (or the dropper that comes with the medication). Another excellent location to aim for with liquid medications is the cheek pouch.

Keep an open and honest line of communication with your veterinarian if you have trouble giving medications so they can help you design your dog's treatment plan in a way that keeps you both safe and at ease. Even if they are unable to prescribe a different medication formulation, they might have their own advice to offer you.


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