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Bonfire Night can be a very stressful time for our dogs and can cause them a lot of stress and discomfort, below there is a variety of techniques and tips and products to help make the night easier on your dogs and to create a less stressful environment for them.



Introduce your dog to the sounds of fireworks in a controlled, gradual manner in the weeks leading up to Bonfire Night. You can use a variety of online or CD firework soundtracks to help your dog become accustomed to fireworks. Start playing these fireworks recordings in the background at a very low volume. Don't forget to praise and give your dog treats for remaining calm. As your dog becomes accustomed to the noises, gradually raise the volume.


Block out the sounds

Close windows, doors, and drapes at night to muffle noise and bright light flashes. Consider playing some relaxing background music. During the season of fireworks, this show is especially focused on keeping you and your pet at ease.

Alternately, keep the TV on all night to help block out the noise. If it helps, you might also want to put some cotton wool in your dog's ears.


Be the leader

It's very simple to treat your dog like a human child and want to lay down on the floor with them when they're scared. And to reassure them that nothing is wrong in a lovely soothing voice. By doing this, you are communicating to your dog that fireworks are indeed extremely frightful, that you are terrified, and that he should be as well. By going about your evening as you would without the fireworks would create more soothing atmosphere for the dog and they will see you not reacting, so by taking a lead on the atmosphere of the room your dog should begin to settle.

If your dog is anxious and is very scared of fireworks already or for any other relevant reasons, you could consider using pet calming diffusers and calming sprays that help calm and sooth your dog as they should help create calm and relaxing scents and smells for your dog to have a easier time relaxing. Visit Doggy Solutions for dog calming products - Quality Dog Calming Products | Doggie Solutions


Make them a cosy corner

You must also make sure that the doors to his preferred hiding spots in other rooms are closed. This makes sure you are with each other and that they can see you are at ease. In the room you plan to keep yourself in, set up a cosy corner for them and ignore them.

This could be a warm spot in a room, a crate draped in blankets, or even a playpen inside. Put their bed under the kitchen or coffee table if they require a "den"-style arrangement, but make sure they can still see you. Make the room cosy by adding their bed, some of their favourite toys, and possibly a piece of clothing that smells like you.


Work them out

Increase your dog's physical activity levels throughout the day on the day of the event to help them feel less anxious and agitated. Go for a long stroll with them during the day. As the fireworks will begin at dusk, make sure you arrive home by then. Alternately, schedule playtime and puzzle toys to help tyre them out and help them become more relaxed at night.



To further take the edge of we recommend calming products such as the  calming pet plug diffuser which creates a calming and realizing smells for your dog to calm their senses and themselves on the night as well as the natural de-stress calming spray to achieve the same outcome but in a more focused area or to be sprayed on a object your pet has a n attachment too that it can spend the night with to calm itself, potentially its favour toy or a cushion. Below are links and images of the products mentioned that you can find at Quality Dog Calming Products | Doggie Solutions to ensure a calm and relaxing night for your dog on Bonfire night.



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