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The Essential Puppy Shopping List

 Chris Cole 
Blanket and bedding
So that your puppy has somewhere warm and soft to sleep.


Crate and puppy pen
To keep your puppy safe and allow you to leave it for short periods of time. Remember that puppies grow, so ensure that crates are large enough for when the puppy becomes adult.
Food and water bowls
Dexas Popware Pet Feeder
Heavy ones are best as they cannot be knocked over.


Puppy Food
Try to feed your puppy the best quality food that you can - some dogs can react to flavourings, preservatives, colourings and additives. Talk to your breeder or vet for food advice.


Chew items
These are essential to help with teething and to prevent puppies chewing your shoes. Rotate every few days for variety.


Activity/Squeaky Toys
Toys that you and your puppy can play with together, such as balls and 'raggers', have an important role now. Squeaky toys are handy for distracting your puppy if it is doing something it shouldn't be.


Collar and Lead
Start to accustom your puppy to wearing a collar and being on the lead in the home and garden. It should help make those first walks out in the world much easier.


DAP diffuser/spray
This replicates the mother's scent, calming and reassuring the puppy.
Hot-water bottle/heat pad
Helps to settle your puppy for the first few nights alone. Wrap  in a blanket before placing in your puppy's bed.
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