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Masterplus Pro Remote Collar Review

Hi, Adrian here, and you’re reading my uncensored review of what I think about the Masterplus Pro Remote Spray Collar.

NB: this is a personal review though so if you’re looking for the Masterplus Pro website then click here.

So why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking of buying a dog training collar there weren’t many reviews around so I thought I’d write one to help any of you who are experiencing similar confusion.

About the Masterplus Pro

The Masterplus Pro is a dog training collar which uses a harmless spray to distract your dog from whatever misbehaviour he might be exhibiting e.g. chasing, recall, digging, stealing etc.

There’s a spray unit which attaches around the dog’s neck on a collar, and then a remote control unit which you use to activate the spray whenever you need to.

What is it used for?

The collar can be used to solve all sorts of behaviour problems such as aggression, chasing, stealing, recall, digging, chewing and toileting.

My dog was always chasing rabbits and squirrels when we were out walking and would never come back when I called him, so I personally found it a ‘life saver’ from a recall point of view, but I’m sure it’s equally as effective on all areas.

It works as a distraction, so whatever it is that you want your dog to stop doing will be interrupted and his thought pattern will be diverted.

Masterplus Pro Remote Collar – Good Points and Bad Points

Fast end effective – the spray will come out of the collar with effectively no delay so you can nip the misbehaviour in the bud as soon as it happens

Lightweight/compact – the collar won’t be uncomfortable or heavy for your dog, and equally you can store it easily when not in use

Has two types of spray duration – this means you can use different interrupters in different situations. A short sharp burst for a quick reminder, and a longer one for a more powerful interruption.

Waterproof – the collar unit is waterproof so it’s safe to let your dog go in lakes or ponds (or whatever else takes his fancy!)

300m range – this is excellent for keeping tabs on your dog when far away. The remote control effectively allows you to have an influence on your dog when you are far away.


The collar does seem a bit expensive initially, but having bought it and experienced the benefits, the peace of mind alone is well worth the investment.

Spray refills and batteries are required on an ongoing basis, assuming you use the training collar regularly.

However, there are cheaper refills available other than the manufacturer’s brand which are just as good, and the battery life can be extended by taking it out of the collar when you’re not using it.

To sum up…

The Masterplus Pro can be a very effective solution to various types of misbehaviour which your dog might exhibit. Personally it helped loads and brought tremendous peace of mind.

With that in mind, I certainly recommend giving it a go, and as a try-out period is usually offered, you have a safety net in case you don’t get the desired results.

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