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How to keep dogs cool in Summer – our top five tips!

 Chris Cole

The sun is out and we’re now all enjoying the longer days and warmer weather. But for us dog lovers out there, we know the summer is a time when our dogs can struggle with the heat and find it difficult to cool down.

So here’s our top five tips to help you plan and keep your furry friend cool this summer and reduce the risk of heatstroke, dehydration and them getting paw-ly!

  1. Avoid hot pavements and garden slabs – Have you ever walked (and ended up running) across hot sand on the beach? Well, be aware that pavements and garden slabs can become hot and burn your dog’s paws in the same way. Always check the temperature of the floor before taking your dog for a walk or letting them out in the garden. A great solution to keep your dog’s paws off the hot ground is by using a raised bed in the shade. They’re made of a breathable fabric and can be easily hosed down for an extra cooling touch.

  2. Plenty of water – Whether you’re taking your dog out on a walk or playing in the garden, it’s important to make sure you have plenty of fresh cold water available for your dog. During exercise make sure to give your dog small amounts of water every 15 to 20 minutes to keep them hydrated.

  3. Don’t leave your dog in a locked car – Temperatures inside the car can rise quickly to dangerous levels and keeping a window slightly open isn’t enough to keep your dog cool. We know sometimes you need to pop into a shop and leave your dog in the car and tailgate locks are easy to use and can be conveniently stored in your car. They allow greater airflow and ventilation by keeping the tailgate open but locked. This means your vehicle is secure and your dog is kept cool so you don’t need to worry.

  4. Exercise at the right time – It’s important to keep to regular walks to ensure your dog is active and enjoying the fresh air. The sun is at its peak in the middle of the day so it’s important to walk your dog early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the hot pavements and direct sunlight.

  5. Keep your dog cool on road trips – Summer is a great time to head out to new places to explore with your dog, so it’s a good idea to keep your dog cool and comfortable while travelling. A cool pad is a great way to cool your dog down without the need to use a fridge or a freezer to keep it cold. Cool pads are small and come a variety of sizes to suit your dog.

What fun activities do you have planned for the summer to do with your dog?

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