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Cool activities for you and your dog this summer!

 Chris Cole

Summer brings us lots of opportunities to have some outdoor fun with our dogs, but the heat can also be a worry when the heat begins to soar. So how do we ensure we keep our loyal companions safe and happy when the sun is out? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Swimming

One of the best places to hang out with our furry friend is nearby water. Whether it’s a lake, stream or the sea, most dogs love to go for a paddle or full out plunge and swim. There’s loads of great toys you can take with you to make it extra fun for your dog (and us of course). Try out the Rogz floating lighthouse toy which floats and what’s more, is brightly coloured, so is easily spotted in the water.

Remember to take note of any warning signs and make sure beaches are pet friendly if you choose to take your dog sea swimming.

  1. Sprinkler in the garden

Not all dogs like to swim, but still the opportunity to cool off and play with water. So why not try a garden sprinkler or paddling pool in your back garden, it is the perfect way to keep them cool and entertained!

Play fetch with a brightly coloured waterproof ball may also encourage your pet to take the plunge and adds interest to the water.

  1. Plan a picnic in the shade

Picnics are a must during the summer and is something the whole family can get involved with – furry family members included! When planning a picnic , make sure you find a shady spot and have water on hand for you and your dog. A no spill water bowl is neat and easy to pack and a great addition to your picnic basket to ensure your dog stays hydrated.

  1. Lickimats with a summer twist

Although it’s great to get outside exploring with your dog, sometimes it’s best to keep them indoors during the peak of the midday sun to keep them as cool as possible.

A Lickimatt is a MUST to keep your dog’s brain stimulated whilst being indoors. Try spreading a mixture of low-fat cream cheese and squashed banana all over a Lickimatt, pop it in the freezer for 30 minutes and watch your dog’s eyes light up when he gets his tounge on this refreshing summer treat!

It goes without saying that we need keep a watchful eye on our adorable pets when introducing them to new activities and keep them out of the sun if it is too hot!.

Consider your dog’s paws on the hot floor, make sure to keep them hydrated and don’t leave your dog in a vehicle without using a ventilation device such as our Cool Dog Tailgate Lock.

Please share a pic of your furry friend enjoying the summer on our Facebook page!

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