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Staywell Dog Flaps

Staywell Dog Flaps and Doors

A dog flap is an underutilised accessory but it makes a great addition to the quality of life of your dog and it takes the pressure off you. Your dog can take itself outside for the toilet or for some fun whenever it feels the need and whatever the weather. If you get delayed coming home or frequently want to leave your dog for over 5 hours then a dog flap is crucial. Dogs that are left inside alone for long periods often suffer anxiety and have an increased risk of urinary infections. If you have a safe space your dog can use outside you should really consider fitting one of Staywells quality dog doors. They aren't just for small dogs either. You can buy a large dog flap for several different weights - the largest being the Staywell 660 for dogs weighing up to 100kg (220lbs).

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