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Muzo Dog Toys

Muzo Dog Toys

New to the UK Fun and Exciting Range of Muzo Dog Toys!



This new selection of dog toys is sure to have something to keep your dog amused. The wide range covers from Ropes & Tennis Balls to Squeaky Fun Toys, Muzo has it all. Lots to choose from including a whole host of textures which include Nylon, Plush, Rubber, Latex and Vinyl.

All Muzo vinyl toys are guaranteed Phthalate Free.

Phthalate covers a host of industrial chemicals that are used as plastic softeners or solvents in many different products. Studies have shown that phthalates can damage the liver, lungs, Kidneys and the reproductive system.

Some of the Muzo range are even made from plastic recycled bottles! - Making Muzo Dog Toys an environmentally friendly choice.

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