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Dog Grooming Supplies and Tools


  Dog Grooming is important throughout the year as maintaining your dog's healthy skin will not only improve his coat, but make for a happier pet all round.As summer's here, now's the time to pop down to your local groomer and have a day pampering your pooch. But don't worry if that all sounds too extravagant as Doggie Solutions sells all the dog grooming supplies and tools you need to maintain a healthy coat that should shed less.

Dog grooming tips

  • To maintain a healthy coat, you should ideally brush your dog at least once a week, using a dog brush or dog comb that removes dead hair and maintains the gloss of the top coat.
  • Clip your dog's nails using dog nail clippers as necessary. This tends to relate to the amount of exercise he gets over certain surfaces as a dog that walks constantly on hard surfaces will need far less attention than a dog who walks on grass, woodland tracks etc.
  • Your dogs dental health is just as important as your won. Dental chew toys and puppy teething toys can be beneficial in exercising your dog's jaw and clearing the dog's mouth of debris.
  • Toys such as Kong Dental sticks  are designed to aid plaque removal while conditioning teeth and gums. Your dog can be encouraged to chew this and other kong dental toys by filling them with Stuff n Paste Kong dog toy filler


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