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How to keep dogs cool in Summer – our top five tips!

Author Chris Cole The sun is out and we’re now all enjoying the longer days and warmer weather. But for us dog lovers out there, we know the summ...


Children and Dogs: How to Keep things Harmonious

Author Chris Cole Children and dogs can grow up to be best buddies as long as the needs of both human and furry friends are being met. If you do ...


Can Little Dogs And Big Dogs Get Along?

Author Chris Cole  Dogs can be as small as 1.5 kilograms, and as large as 75 kgs. With such enormous differences in size, the little guys tend...


Why Dogs Eat Grass

Author Chris Cole When you let your dog out, do they rush over to the tallest patch of grass in your yard to graze like a sheep? While dogs are car...


The Everything Guide To Going On A Road Trip With Your Dog

Author Chris Cole  If your dog loves car rides, a road trip will be a dream come true. There's nothing quite like taking to the open road with...


The Everything Guide To Flying With Your Dog

Author Chris Cole  Travelling the world with your best friend can be an incredible experience. But even the most stable dogs will find flying ...


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