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The Best Places to Walk Your Dog in the UK: From Coastal Paths to City Parks

Although walking your dog is essential to maintaining their wellbeing, it can occasionally seem as though you are taking the same old routes every day. If you're looking for ideas for fun and novel places to take your dog for a walk, then this is the post for you. From picturesque city parks to winding coastal paths, in this blog, we uncover some of the finest dog-walking locations out there for you and your pup to explore!

Coastal Paths

There are some beautiful seaside pathways out there, that are ideal for a stroll. A coastal walk will not only give them new smells and sights to explore, but it will also allow your pup to have a quick swim in the sea, as well as run along the sandy shore. From rocky cliffs to sandy beaches, some of the most popular seaside routes that welcome dogs include:

City Parks

If you’re not close to the coast, then fear not - there are still many options for dog-friendly walks if you reside in a city. During your walk, your dog might be seeing countless people and other dogs, they may find this stressful depending on their temperament, so it's always best to keep an eye out on their behaviour. In the middle of the bustle of city life, parks offer a tranquil haven. Some of the top city parks for dog walks include:

  • Hyde Park in London, offers over 350 acres of beautiful green space and plenty of walking trails
  • Pollok Country Park in Glasgow, has over 146 hectares of woodland and gardens for you to explore
  • Calderstones Park in Liverpool, features a picturesque lake, beautiful gardens and plenty of open spaces to run around

Forest Walks

There are some beautiful woods in the UK that are ideal for you to escape it all together. Forest walks are great as for pups, they're packed full of smells to sniff out with areas to play fetch in and adventures to uncover. There are many options available to fit your preferences, from contemporary plantations to historic woodlands. The top dog-friendly woodland walks include:

  • The New Forest in Hampshire, features miles of trails and beautiful scenery, including heathlands, woodland and streams
  • The Forest of Bowland in Lancashire, is home to the most picturesque countryside and offers plenty of walking routes
  • The Galloway Forest Park in Scotland, boasts over 300sq miles of forestry and hills, making it the perfect destination for those looking for a more adventurous walk

No matter where you choose to take your dog for a walk, it's crucial to pack some necessary dog supplies to keep them secure and happy. For any outdoor excursion though, our best-selling dog leads and collars will keep your beloved buddy safe, while giving them plenty of freedom to explore.

Tips for travelling with your dog

It can be fun to explore new locations with your dog while driving, but there are a few steps you should take to make the trip safe and enjoyable. Here are some pointers for when you’re taking your dog along for a road trip:

  • Secure your dog: Ensure that your dog is safely fastened inside the vehicle. A box or a seat belt harness can be used for this. This will not only protect your dog from harm in the event of a collision, but it will also stop them from annoying the driver.
  • Pack the essentials: Include your dog's food, water, snacks and favourite toys in your luggage. Bring a lead as well, so you can let your dog out during rest stops to stretch their legs.
  • Schedule rest stops: Speaking of rest pauses, scheduling these in advance is crucial. Just like humans, dogs need to stretch their legs and go potty. Stopping every two to three hours is advised to give your dog a break and prevent accidents in the car.
  • Don't leave your dog alone in the car: Leaving your dog alone in the car, even for a brief period of time, is never a good idea. Even on moderate days, cars can rapidly get too hot, which is hazardous for dogs. Additionally, leaving your dog alone may cause them to become distressed or frightened.
  • Take into account car sickness: Particularly on lengthy trips, certain dogs may experience car nausea. You might wish to ask your veterinarian about medication to improve your dog's symptoms if they are prone to motion sickness.

Coastal trails, urban parks, and forest walks are just a few of the amazing areas in the UK to take your dog for a walk. So why not mix things up and go on an adventure with your pet? It's a wonderful way to get to know them better while allowing them to enjoy a change in scenery! 

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