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Why Dogs Eat Grass

When you let your dog out, do they rush over to the tallest patch of grass in your yard to graze like a sheep? While dogs are carnivores that thrive on meat, most enjoy snacking on plants once in a while. Here's what you should know about dogs that love to eat grass:

Is It Harmful For Dogs To Eat Grass?

Most dogs eat grass at least sometimes, and it's typically not harmful for them. Grass is rich in fiber and may be difficult for your dog to digest. Most likely, you'll see undigested grass pass through to your dog's faeces. Only allow your dog to eat grass at home, where you know if you use pesticides or fertilizers that could be harmful to your dog. You probably won't know what's in and around the grass when you are in public, so it's best to avoid letting your dog eat grass when you are on a walk. Contagious canine illnesses can sometimes be spread through faeces, so you should not allow your dog to eat grass in areas that are frequented by dogs that may carry disease.

Do Dogs Eat Grass To Make Themselves Vomit?

It's a commonly held belief that dogs eat grass when they feel nauseous to help them bring up whatever is making them sick. However, it's been found that just 25 percent of dogs that eat grass regularly vomit afterwards. Though most dogs vomit once in a while, it should not be a regular occurrence. If your dog vomits frequently, regardless of whether or not it contains grass, you should consider changing foods, adding a digestive supplement, or seeing your veterinarian if their condition does not improve.

Food Additions To Curb Grass Eating

Some dogs stop eating grass when chlorophyll-rich foods are added to their diet. Chlorophyll supports digestion and liver detoxification and may fight cancer. Chlorophyll is naturally found in dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale. You can steamed or blended leafy greens to your dog's meals to make them easy to digest. Spirulina powder is another source of chlorophyll that is also high in protein.

Your dog may continue to eat grass even after you add supplements to their diet. Sometimes grass-eating is caused by hunger or boredom. Interactive toys and training games with low calorie treats can give your dog fun alternatives to grazing.

How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Grass

It can be tough to keep your dog from eating grass if you do not supervise them for every moment while they are outside. You can try teaching a strong "leave it," cue so you can stop your dog from eating the grass while you are watching. It can also help to keep your grass short, especially in patches that your dog tends to graze from. You can also have your dog wear a basket style muzzle when they are outside. Make sure your dog can pant, drink water and bark while wearing the muzzle - cloth or wrap muzzles are not safe for extended use.

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