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How To Keep Your House Clean With A Dog

 Chris Cole 

You don't have to choose between having a loving home full of dogs and keeping your homestead clean and fresh. Add these simple solutions to your daily routine to freshen your home in minutes so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your wonderful pups.

Fur And Hair, It's Everywhere!

If your dog moults, you may find flurries of loose fur all over the place during moulting season, or even year-round, depending on your dog's coat type. You can prevent a majority of the moulting by brushing your dog daily. A slicker brush easily removes the downy undercoat that falls out during moulting season.Cover your furniture with a neutral or patterned slipcover that will disguise shed fur so it will still look presentable between cleanings. If your dog has a black coat, stick to black, navy or patterned grey slipcovers. If your dog is white, go light. If your dog is grey or brown, look for neutral or patterned prints. Of course, while the fur will be less obvious, it will stick to your clothes. Keep a lint brush in your car so you can quickly touch-up your outfit before you arrive at your destination.You can put wool dryer balls in with your laundry to help remove fur from clothes, blankets, curtains and other fabrics. A cordless hand vacuum is a lifesaver for tidying up without the need to bring out the full-size vac.

No More Muddy Paw Prints

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Dirty paws don't just track mud - they can also bring pesticides harmful bacteria into your home, which can make your dog sick if they lick their paws.Muddy paw prints start at the door. Set up a paw-wiping station with paw wipes, a microfibre towel and a doormat. You can also keep a small jar filled with treats near the door so you can reward your dog for coming inside when called, and for tolerating a paw wipe every time they come inside. Many dogs find it unpleasant to have their paws cleaned, but will look forward to it if they get a yummy treat afterwards.

Sloppy Food Bowl Area

Does your dog take a few pieces of food out of their bowl, spit them on the floor, and eat them one by one? Do they slosh water out of their water bowl, or even tip it over? A placemat contains crumbs and puddles so you won't have to wipe down the floor every time your dog eats.The Buster Incredibowl was designed to help dogs with long ears keep clean while eating, but it solves many messy eater issues. The deep bowl keeps messes contained and has a non-slip bottom. The soft material is perfect for dogs who may be irritated by the sounds of their collar tags hitting their stainless steel bowl - which is one reason why some dogs carry food out of their bowl. You can also feed your dog in a crate, then remove the bottom tray for cleaning.

Drool And Nose Prints

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Does your dog make "nose art" on the windows?Drooling is inevitable, especially when you have a Mastiff, Bloodhound, Saint Bernard, or other notorious drooler. Sometimes, drooling is a sign of stress or dental disease. With those ruled out, the best you can do is cover furniture with absorbent towels and slipcovers.Your dog frequently licks their nose to help them capture scents; this is why it is always cold and wet. Whenever they look out the window, they may press their nose against the glass, creating "nose art." You will have to wipe these smudges off the window with a streak-free glass cleaner. You can move your furniture away from the window so your dog cannot get so close, but they may fall into the gap between the furniture and the wall.You can also put self-adhesive frosted window cling on your windows so your dog will not be able to see out of the window. This can reduce stress in dogs that obsess over everyone who passes by.

Reducing Doggy Odour

When you have a dog, you may become "nose-blind," accustomed to the smell of dander, stale urine and other odours that your dog may bring into your home. A healthy dog does not have a strong odour; see your vet if you suspect the smell is caused by an infection.You can bathe your dog every 2-4 weeks to ward off odour. Too many baths can dry out their sensitive skin. A waterless shampoo can be used whenever your dog needs to be freshened between baths. You can also use a fabric odour eliminator that kills the bacteria that causes odours instead of masking the scent.
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