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How to keep your dog cool in the car using a Ventilation Tailgate Lock

 Chris Cole 

The Cool Dog Car Ventilation Tailgate Lock allows more ventilation into your vehicle than only leaving windows open. It works by fixing the rear tailgate or door in a half-open position and with a front window open just a small amount, it will allow air to flow and circulate through your vehicle helping to keep your dog cool.The Cool dog Lock secured between the vehicle and tailgate will deter all but most determined criminal.The cool dog tailgate lock can be fitted and removed very quickly with little effort, your vehicle can then be locked in the usual way.Fits nearly all Estate Cars / Hatchbacks / Vans or 4 Wheel Drive vehicles fitted with a rear door.Although the Cool Dog tailgate lock does fit almost all vehicles we understand there may be the odd vehicle that it won't fit, due to this we offer a no quibble 30 day return policy on this item, all we ask is thet you let us know what vehicle you have so we can share this information with future customers.

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