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Fleaing your Dog

 Chris Cole 

Fleas can be seen with the naked eye, and are usually a red/ brown colour that move quickly and jump around. Fleas do not just stay on the dog it is thought that only 5% are actually living on the dog. The other 95% usually contain themselves in the dogs bedding and the surrounding environment in your home.Controlling a flea outbreak will vary depending on how big the infestation is. In most cases an infestation in a well maintained house can be traced back easily to the dog.Good housekeeping will make sure that the fleas do not get chance to create a good breeding site. Infested bedding must be thoroughly washed and cleaned or disposed of to make sure that the dog is not attacked again. When treating an infestation of fleas it is important that the adults and the brood are destroyed, otherwise it will become a reoccurring problem.To treat a domestic infestation of fleas, start by removing all small items from the floor. Thoroughly vacuum the area and then disinfect the vacuum – dispose of the bag (if it has one), or empty and sterlise the container, being careful to clean the filter too.dispose of the vacuum's bag. The next step is to spray and treat all carpets with a repellent. To make sure that this is effective, make sure the room is evacuated for at least 4 hours and do not vacuum for 2 weeks.Provide your dog with a flea collar and make sure that he is regularly checked for signs of fleas. Use an approved flea treatment product on your pet – your vet should be able to recommend one. Last but not least, use a flea comb to make sure that fleas are removed, and then dispose of the bedding to make sure that the problem does not occur again.

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