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Are All Dog Crates Equal?

The simple answer is no.

Steel Dog crates from various suppliers are made from different thickness metal and also the gaps between the wires can vary significantly. When wires are thinner and/or the gaps between the wires are bigger, they are lighter, cheaper to make and not as strong.

As the wires are round a small decrease in thickness can make a huge reduction in crate strength.

For example if we compare 3mm thick wire and 2.5mm wire. The 3mm wire is 20% thicker but when we look at the volume of metal there is actually over 44% more metal making the wire significantly stronger. There is also a complex measurement called “Area Moment of Inertia” which means resistance to bending. A 2.5 mm wire has an Area Moment of Inertia of roughly 1.91 and a 3mm wire has an Area Moment of Inertia of roughly 3.96 meaning the 3mm wire although only 20% thicker is over twice as hard to bend!

So in essence Dog Crates with thicker wires are significantly stronger.

See The Diagrams below.

We have now implemented our own grading system where dog crates are scored according to their build materials and construction; this will assist our customers to select the correct Dog Crate for their needs.

As below:

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