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9 Common Household Items Toxic for Your Dog

Although some people consider treating a dog like it were a baby to be an exaggeration, most of the preparations are quite the same when you're expecting any kind of baby. Baby animals, as human babies, are curious and their wish to discover the world by themselves shouldn't be discouraged – just properly monitored and protected. When you're getting a dog, it isn't really necessary to dog-proof your home, but there are things you need to change so that your puppy grows up to be a healthy dog. You'd be surprised with how many ingredients which can be found in your home can be harmful and even deadly to your dog. In order to protect them from pain, learn about the substances that need to be put away, out of your pet's reach.


Although there are drugs that your pet and you can both use in case of an illness, you should never give your dog medication that you consider to be suitable if you didn't consult your vet previously. This kind of action can be deadly for your dog, which is why it's also necessary to put every medication you have in your home somewhere up high so that they don't accidently find it while snooping around.


Baker's chocolate is the most dangerous substance in this category because it contains a substance called methylxanthine. If your dog consumes it, you can expect symptoms such as abnormal thirst, continuous vomiting, hyperactivity, and diarrhea. It can even go as far as your dog experiencing seizures, so you should definitely go to your vet as soon as possible. The darker the chocolate, the worse the outcome in this case.

Cleaning Products

Heavy cleansers can be fatal for humans as well. In order to protect your family, including your pet, you should be very careful about how you store them, and how you apply them, so make sure that you consult the label on the products you use and act in accordance with the instructions.


Although it doesn't happen too often, you should still be aware of this potential hazard; there might be some plants in your home which are poisonous without you being aware. In order to avoid emergency visits to your vet, inspect every plant you own and make sure they are completely safe.

Pest Poison

Whenever you're applying a poison that's meant to help you get rid of nasty pests, keep in mind that they are probably poisonous for your pet too. It's not really safe for people to be around most of those poisons while their effect lasts, let alone curious puppies. So, it's probably better for both of you to leave your home while the pests are being exterminated.

Garden Products

Products you use in your garden that help your plants develop and flourish are usually very toxic for your pet. Therefore, pay a close attention to your usage of mulch, fertilizers, and composts, and also make sure that your dog doesn't go anywhere near fresh piles of these mixtures.

Car Fluids

Your garage can be a very dangerous place for a dog; you probably know that fluids like antifreeze are highly poisonous for people as well, so be very careful. Also, it's advisory that your garage floor is completely clean at all times; running fluids that form puddles will be of interest your dog.

Fruits and Vegetables

Interestingly some, fruits and vegetables can be quite harmful. Your dog shouldn't go anywhere near grapes, avocados, onions, or. Before you try to feed your dog a meal that is highly nutritious for humans, you should do some research or consult your vet because it may have a completely opposite effect on your dog's digestive tract. Your dog can have a healthy snack of carrot sticks


Although not directly fatal, snacks and junk food aren't a good choice of a meal, nor a treat for your pet. Dogs' senses are much more sensitive and feeding them snacks which are way too salty will leave its mark in time. When you want to reward a dog for being a good boy, you should go with treats which are made for canines.

It's imperative to do in-depth homework before getting a pet because, otherwise, you can harm them and be a cause of the most unfortunate situation without even being aware of that. I'm sure you are capable of giving your dog all the unconditional love, protection and provide them with the long and happy life they deserve, but you will need to get properly educated.

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