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Coolaroo Dog Beds Green
Coolaroo Dog Beds Green
Coolaroo Dog Beds Green Large Bed Green Small Sizing Medium Sizing Large Sizing Ex Large Sizing
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Coolaroo Dog Beds.

Now Available in 4 sizes in Brunswick Green.

  • A Raised dog bed Protects pets from floor drafts and off the cold ground.
  • Strong durable knitted lead free fabric.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoor use.
  • Comes with a 5 Year fabric warranty against UV degradation.
  • Flea and mite free.
  • Resists mould and mildew.
  • Breathable fabric unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes.
  • Powder coated steel frame.
  • Easy to assemble (screwdriver required)
  • Simply hose clean.

Coolaroo Dog Beds.

Small Suitable for pets up to 15Kgs.

Medium Suitable for pets up to 30Kgs .

Large Suitable for pets up to 45Kgs.


Ex Large Suitable for pets up to 60Kgs.


Coolaroo Measurements.


              Internal.               External.


H -          N/A.              20cm.
W-          55cm          57.5cm.
L -          71cm.            88cm.


H -           N/A.            20cm.
W-           65cm.       67.5cm.
L -           90cm.        107cm.


H-             N/A.           20cm.
W -           80cm.     82.5cm.
L -            110cm.     130cm.

Ex Large.

H-             N/A.           23cm.
W -           94cm.     96.5cm.
L -            132cm.     152cm.


Charcoal Currently only available for Medium And Large Beds.

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