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10 Things Your Dog Wants For Christmas

 Chris Cole 
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Santa Paws is checking his list, and he's checking it twice - your dog has been nice this year, if you can forgive a few misunderstandings about pooping in the hallway and annoying the cat.

Here's your dog's top ten picks on their Christmas list this year:

1. A Brand New BedFreece Dog bed


Washing your dog's bed will get rid of household allergens and irritants like dust and dirt. But the more you wash, the more it will lose its shape. If it's been a long time since you washed or replaced your dog's bed, why not buy a new one for Christmas?soft bedIf your dog is coming into their senior years, you may want to invest in a memory foam bed that supports their joints. Arthritic, senior dogs particularly need a bed that keeps them warm, as the cold tends to aggravate joint conditions.

2. A New Blanket

>dog blanketSome dogs like to be bundled up before they go to sleep. Does your dog look cold when they're curled up in bed? They might just stretch out and relax once you tuck them in with a blanket. A thick blanket with waterproof backing is great to have as a seat protector in your car or on your furniture.

3. Tuffs Fruit Flavoured Treat Bone

Bone toy
This is a multipurpose toy that every dog will drool over. The sweet, fruity scent keeps your dog interested while they chew. You'll also love that it is hollow and can be filled with any tasty treat. Load it up with peanut butter, mashed banana, tinned fish or meat-flavoured baby food for a long-lasting treat that can be enjoyed in a crate to keep your dog busy when you're not home. For an even longer lasting treat, load it up and freeze for a few hours.These Fruit Flavoured Treat Bones come in small and large.

4. Your Dog's Very Own Christmas Stocking

Dog stocking
You have a stocking hanging from the hearth for every member of your family... but what about your pup? They'll love reaching into their very own Christmas stocking to pull out fun toys. This stocking comes pre-loaded with toys your dog will be thrilled to receive on Christmas morning.

5. Shuffle Bone Puzzle Toy

Shuffle bone
Educational toys are a great way to challenge your dog and help them develop problem-solving skills. How fast can your dog learn to push the sliders on the Shuffle Bone puzzle to reveal treats that you hide inside? Some dogs use their paws, some use their nose, to work this interactive toy. It's amazing to see your dog's eyes light up when they "get it." This puzzle toy is great for beginners.

6. Snugglesafe Microwavable Bed Warmer Pad

Heat pad
If it's already getting cold in your home, you can give this gift early. You'll love that you can use it again and again to keep your dog warm throughout the night. Just microwave and place in your dog's bed. This is great for all dogs, especially puppies, and seniors with arthritis. You just might want one for yourself! Get the bed warmer in our shop. 

7. Clicker Training Supplies

Clicker training is a powerful way to teach your dog just about anything. It can be used to train tricks, to desensitize your dog to stressful situations, and to teach your dog alternative behaviours to replace bad habits. You make the clicking sound with the clicker every time your dog performs the correct behaviour, then follow up with a treat. The clicker is a consistent sound that your dog will quickly learn means they did something right. You use the clicker to take a "snapshot" of the behaviour; it's a faster and clearer way to say, "good dog!"Find educational DVDs, clickers, target sticks and more training supplies in our shop. 

8. Skinneeez Toys

Are you preparing to buy yet another batch of stuffed toys, only for your dog to dissect them and leave fluff all over the house? If your dog swallows the stuffing in their toys, it could cause a digestive obstruction. It's safer to get stuffing-free toys. These soft Skinneeez are just as fun to play with, and fitted with squeakers to engage your dog's hunting instincts.

9. Stylish New Walking Gear

tribal collar
Collars, harnesses and leads get dirty and torn up over time with normal use. You may want to upgrade your dog's gear, or get them a pretty set that you'll only use when you want them to look their best. Whether your dog's style is a funky, modern pattern or a classic solid leather ensemble, you'll find plenty of great digs in the online Doggie Solutions shop.

10. Christmas Dog Sweater

christmas sweater
Are you having an ugly Christmas sweater party this year? Or dressing up the whole family in matching outfits for your annual family portrait? Don't let your dog feel left out. This cozy Christmas sweater is also great for potty trips on chilly nights. Use it alone or as a layer under your dog's coat for extra warmth. Comes in red or blue.gifts for dogs
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