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Snuggle safe Heat Pad Pet Bed Warmer
Snuggle safe Heat Pad Pet Bed Warmer
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Snugglesafe Dog Heat Pad Pet Bed warmer.

Introducing the Microwave Heatpad, the pet bed heater from Snugglesafe. Used and recommended by vets, breeders, rescue centres, kennels and catteries worldwide.
Just 6 minutes in an 800 Watt microwave provides heat for up to 10 hours.
The heatpad is quick and safe being bite and scratch resistant with no wires.
The dog heat pad is also the perfect travel companion and is supplied with a fabric cover (colours may vary). The heatpad is also proving popular with owners.

The Snugglesafe is ideal for use with newborn, convalescent and elderly pets or those in cold environments.
Also available are cuddly Bruno and Bonzo Covers to hold the heatpad.


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