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Flexi Rock Star and Fashion Limited Edition Retractable dog Leads.

Limited Edtion Leashes stand out because of their unique and creative design. Looking at nowadays fashion trends they are dead-on and still offer the well-known flexi quality and functionality.

The individual designs of the Limited Edition are only produced in confined quantities.

fashion small flexi leads The Fashion Collection with the designs "London", "Paris" and "Milano" gives you an intuitive grasp of the individual flair of these 3 fashion capitals.

The trendy Rock Star leash in tattoo-style is an absolute "must-have" for all youthful and young at heart dog lovers.
Flexi rockstar born to be wild, pirate for ever, dog lover, hot dragon



Flexi Retractable Dog Leads - 10 GOOD REASONS ONE LEASH.

Safety for man and animal.
Flexi leads always allow you to fully control your dog and enable the recalling of your companion in any situation.

More freedom to move.
Flexi leads offer your dog optimum exercise even if it not possible to let your darling off lead!

Improved Health.
Flexi Retractable leads allow your dog 3 times more motion than a conventional lead - this keeps him fit and healty.

Easy operation.
The Flexi lead offers you the highest possible ease of use - and they are childs play to handle.

Quality "Made in Germany".
Flexi leads must pass 100 different quality tests before they leave the factory in Bargteheide Germany - this is how top products develop, products you and your dog can rely on.

Hand made precision.
Flexi leads are not machine made but they are item for item, assembled by hand.

Specialized on perfection.
The Flexi lead guarantees a long life span and this with a cost/performance ratio which is unbeatable.

Connections made to measure.
Flexi has the matching lead model for every dog - whether small or big, ferocious or cheeky, quiet or full of spirits.

Always trendy.
Flexi not only offers the highest functionality but sets standards with innovative design ideas and exclusive colouring.

High service expertise.
Flexi offers help and advice - be it with questions and proposals about their leads or tips on education and health for your quadruped friend.

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