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KONG Wet Wubba
KONG Wet Wubba

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KONG Water Wubba.

KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy, Most dogs enjoy playing in water, Many dogs enjoy playing fetch, Put those two activities together and you have the KONG Water Wubba dog toy.

The KONG Water Wubba has a wetsuit-like material that makes playing in the water not a problem, The neoprene covering dries very quickly.

The long tails on this Water Wubba makes picking up and throwing in a game of fetch quite easy, not to mention dogs love to let the wet tails flap around in their mouths.

This brand new fun water retrieval toy floats high in the water making it easily visible for your dog to find. It is also great for interactive tug and fun games.

This dog toy is available in large and extra large.