Innotek Waterproof Spray Commander
Innotek Waterproof Spray Commander

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Innotek Petsafe Spray Commander Waterproof Model.

Special Offer get a Universal Gas Refill and a  spare battery worth £10.59 free with every Spray Commander ordered!

Now waterproof so your dog can now happily jump into lakes and ponds! This new model has been much improved and now it's totally waterproof. Innotek's remote spray commander collar increases loyalty and resolves problems faster without pain or fear. It's scientifically proven spray technology is used for training dogs with positive sound reinforcement..

The New Spray Commander is the most complete remote training solution.
It is suitable for all dogs, Training your dog should be a pleasurable thing for you and him not bring fear. That is why using this collar will be the best thing for both owner and pet.

It is safe for humans and animals, it controls your dogs behaviour up to 300 feet of distance.

Waterproof Innotek Spray Collar Proven effective

This electronic spray collar is proven to be highly effective, used by dog behaviour experts, creates long term results with no negative side effects, it is one of the most humane electronic dog training collars on the market.

How the Petsafe Innotek Spray Collar works

It is not necessary to use a loud, angry voice with the dog, or to hit him with a lead. A fearful dog is not one that is receptive to training

  • When your dog is too distracted to obey a command or displays bad behaviour, you use the remote control dog training device to trigger the spray collar.
  • A harmless spray is released; it interrupts the dog's actions and makes him receptive to your command.
  • It offers a surprise stimulus that targets your dog's heightened senses: He hears it, feels it, sees it and smells it.
  • He begins to associate his inappropriate behaviours with receiving a spray. Through repetition and conditioning, the unacceptable behaviour is soon eliminated.

Kit includes:

  1. Handheld remote control
  2. Patented spray device powered by Spraylogik"! Technology.
  3. Adjustable collar.
  4. Two 6 volt batteries.
  5. Complete Innotek training manual .
The Collar can stop the following :

Dog destruction, dog digging, dog chasing, stealing food and jumping up on people and furniture.