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Miscellaneous Products

There are loads of great products for your dog that can make life easier for you and safer or more fun for your dog. We love the Buster inflatable dog collar which can be used to stop your dog licking injuries or surgery scars.
Hygiene Products - From long-handled pooper scoopers to fun bag dispensers, biodegradable poo bags, and chemical dog toilet products. We make dealing with your dogs poop as easy as possible.
Temperature Control - Cooling mattresses and cooling pads are a great way for you to help your pet control their temperature. Dog Boots are great for icy conditions, protecting your dog's paws from salt grit and they can also stop your dog burning their feet on hot asphalt.
Training Aids - Toilet training bells, whistles, training discs, and the Pet Corrector aerosol are all humane and easy to use training aids that you can take anywhere.

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