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A Pawsitively safe and happy Christmutts

This Christmas holidays is upon us. Are you wondering what to gift your four-legged friend? Well, how about a xxxxx? It would be a special gift that not only your dog would love, but your entire family will love xxxx! But the best gift for your pet would be to make sure he has a safe Christmas – so we’ve put together some Christmas safety tips for pets.

With a hectic schedule during Christmas and New Year’s, it can be difficult for you to notice what your canine is up to. You may never know when he swallowed a small decoration or tore up the presents under the tree! Pet parents need to take extra care during the holidays. Here are some top tips to help:

  • Avoid using candles
Lit candles can easily be knocked over by our pets, so try using LED candles instead.
  • Don’t use holly, poinsettia, or mistletoe

Yes, these festive favs are poisonous to our furry friends, so stock up on fake plants instead.

  • No edible decoration on the Christmas tree

Probably goes without saying, but our loveable friends can’t resist the tasty treats hung from trees and will jump up and get them.

  • Chocolate alert
Okay, it’s probably the one time of the year where we all enjoy the opportunity to indulge on chocolate. But it’s super toxic to our dogs – so keep it out of reach from sniffy snouts.
  • Stick with toys made for dogs
We get it, our dogs are one of us. However, be sure to give them toys that won’t chock them, we have a great selection to choose from here.
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