Dog That Glows In The Dark

High Visibility reflective Dog CoatScientists in South Korea have created a genetically modified dog that glows in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The beagle, named Tegon, was created in 2009 through the same cloning process that was used to create the first cloned dog ever, Snuppy in 2005.

Scientists found that when administered with a doxycycline antibiotic and then exposed to ultraviolet light, the dog glows bright green.

While this might make Teogon a hit at Halloween, there are far greater implications behind the findings.

The four year research project aims to aid the treatment of human diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s due to the commonality between 268 illness shared by both dogs and humans.

Lead researcher Lee Byeong-chun, commented:

“The creation of Tegon opens new horizons since the gene injected to make the dog glow can be substituted with genes that trigger fatal human diseases.”

There are of course more obvious benefits to a glow in the dark dog, most notably when having an evening stroll with your pooch in poor visibility.

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