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Animal Babble Ball
Animal Babble Ball
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The Animal Babble Ball.

Pets love it, obsess with it, chase it and go absolutely nuts for it!

The Animal Babble Ball® is an interactive toy that rivets the attention of dogs! It talks and makes noises when touched. Its technology is so sensitive it can be triggered by a pet breathing on it or just the vibration of when they walk past. When play is finished the Babble Ball turns off automatically and it waits to be touched again. Because it is so very sensitive pets think it’s actually alive! Replacable batteries (1.5v AG13/LR44 cell).

Has more than 20 different realistic animal sounds; Lion, Frogs, Coyote howl, lots of Birds, Dog barking, Pigs, Rooster, Lamb, Elephant, Cow, Goat, A Cat and More
Comes in 3 sizes

Small 2 1/8".

Medium 2 3/4".

Large 3 1/8".


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