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Sotnos Dog Collars and Leads.


This  brand new range of dog collars and leads come in  a range of bright and neutral designs to fit any dogs personality. You can even mix and match these  dog collars and leads to create a unique style for your dog.

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Bali Print Smart Lead logo
Bali Print Smart Lead
£12.99 (€14.68)

Blue Geometric Smart Lead logo
Blue Geometric Smart Lead
£12.99 (€14.68)

Classic Brown Smart Lead  logo
Classic Brown Smart Lead
£12.99 (€14.68)

Classic Grey Smart Lead logo
Classic Grey Smart Lead
£12.99 (€14.68)

Oxblood Smart Lead logo
Oxblood Smart Lead
£13.99 (€15.81)

Pink Geometric Smart Lead logo
Pink Geometric Smart Lead
£12.99 (€14.68)

Sotnos Bali Collar logo
Sotnos Bali Collar
£7.99 (€9.03)

Sotnos Blue Colour Block Dog Lead  logo
Sotnos Blue Colour Block Dog Lead
£12.99 (€14.68)

Sotnos Classic Brown Collar  logo
Sotnos Classic Brown Collar
£7.99 (€9.03)

Sotnos Classic Grey Collar  logo
Sotnos Classic Grey Collar
£7.99 (€9.03)

Sotnos Geometric Collar Blue logo
Sotnos Geometric Collar Blue
£7.99 (€9.03)

Sotnos Geometric Collar Pink logo
Sotnos Geometric Collar Pink
£7.99 (€9.03)

Sotnos Orange Collar logo
Sotnos Orange Collar
£7.99 (€9.03)

Sotnos Oxblood Studded Collar logo
Sotnos Oxblood Studded Collar
£8.99 (€10.16)

Sotnos Pink Colour Block Dog Lead logo
Sotnos Pink Colour Block Dog Lead
£12.99 (€14.68)

Sotnos Stripe Collar logo
Sotnos Stripe Collar
£7.99 (€9.03)

Sotnos Tribal Collar logo
Sotnos Tribal Collar
£7.99 (€9.03)

Sotnos Yellow Collar logo
Sotnos Yellow Collar
£7.99 (€9.03)

Stripe Print Smart Lead logo
Stripe Print Smart Lead
£12.99 (€14.68)

Tribal Print Smart Lead logo
Tribal Print Smart Lead
£12.99 (€14.68)

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