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Paw & Skin Balm
Paw & Skin Balm

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Paw & Skin Balm.

This specially formulated Paw & Skin Balm helps to condition & moisturise dry, cracked paws.

The gentle formulation is pH balanced & contains natural eucalyptus oil which has antibacterial & cooling properties to help soothe & heal irritated or chapped paw pads.

The ingredients contain essential lipids that help to protect the skins natural barrier.

Used daily it will help to keep the paw pads in the best possible condition & less susceptible to damage from hard, hot & cold surfaces.

  •  Healing & soothing
  •  Contains natural eucalyptus oil
  •  Helps to prevent fungal infections
  •  PH balanced
  •  Gentle formulation
  •  Safe to use on puppies


Size: Contains 100ml.