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Medipet Dog Shampoo and Grooming Products

James and Steel have been in the pet product business for 25 years. They are based in Gloucestershire, UK. Their products are sold under a large range of brands and their grooming products are all sold under the 'Medipet' label. This is a small range of very practical products for dogs and cats which are all aimed at killing germs, pests (like lice, fleas and ticks) and reducing allergens that might cause reactions in us humans.

The fabric spray is designed to remove not just odours but harmful bacteria and viruses too. It is great for disinfecting, cleaning and deodorising and it is safe to use on all soft furnishings. There is also a complimentary laundry treatment that will do all the same great jobs in your washing machine. The natural and organic flea powder can just be sprinkled on your dog to kill biting and sucking insects like fleas. It is non-toxic and safe to use around children. Finally, the antiseptic soothing spray is great for rashes and sore spots. Not only does it keep the area free from bacteria but it contains Bitrex® will help reduce the chance of your dog scratching or licking the affected area.

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Medipet Fabric Spray Odour Eliminator
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Medipet Laundry Treatment
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