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Masterplus Pro spray Dog Training Collar Refurbished
Masterplus Pro spray Dog Training Collar  Refurbished
Masterplus Pro spray Dog Training Collar  Refurbished Collar and Remote Remote Collar Unit Dog Wearing Masterplus
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Masterplus Pro Spray Dog Training collar


Refurbished, Comes complete with gas refill, battery and 3 months warranty.

(outer box  and lanyard not included)

Your dog has his own rules for living which are often incompatible with integration into a family e.g. it might not be acceptable that he steals food, digs up the flowerbeds, bites you while he is playing, etc. Such bad behaviour can soon become a source of conflict (imagine your flowerbeds completely destroyed, your favourite armchair ruined yet again) or even danger (biting, running away). However, none of these behaviour traits are set in stone and the problem is mainly one of communication between you and your dog. You have to let him know, in a language that he understands, what is allowed and what is not.

Dogs can be taught through punishment but they make faster progress when training is based on being rewarded. For this reason, we have designed a simple, practical and effective aid to training which changes the dog's behaviour without punishing him: the Masterplus collars consist of a receiver/collar to be worn around the neck of your dog. Signals are transmitted from a remote control which can be concealed in the palm of your hand and which can be as far as 300m away. Reception of a signal triggers the collar to release an odourless, completely innocuous spray.

With the MasterPlus Pro from Dynavet, you can train your dog by the surprise-reward technique.

Surprise ! - When your dog does something bad, you interrupt him in the act by activating the spray. This spray does not punish the dog, it just interrupts him for a moment and makes him ready for a different activity. The dog is actually surprised by this new element (the noise, the cold sensation and the sight of the cloud) and becomes receptive to your demands again.

Reward ! - This is the chance to start playing a game with him or to divert him to some other (permitted) activity. Once the dog is behaving well, you should reward him enthusiastically.

Masterplus Features Include:
  • 300 Meter Range.
  • On/Off switch to increase battery life.
  • Sound button to reinforce positive behaviour.
  • Water resistant.

This Product is suitable for all sizes of dogs.

Masterplus Pro spray Dog Training Collar
Masterplus Pro spray Dog Training Collar
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