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Find Brite Fling Ball
Find Brite Fling Ball
Find Brite Fling Ball Brite Ball

Sorry! this product is no longer available.

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Light Up Brite Ball Fling


With a bright neon yellow colour and an ergonomic hand-held design, the Brite Fling Ball Launcher  with an  LED ball that lights up with a bright blue colour upon impact and will remain lit up for five minutes, it's Water resistant and incredibly resilient.

Brite Balls can also be bought and used by themselves.

Includes Brite Ball & Ball Launcher Bright neon yellow coloured dog toy Blue LED impact-activated dog ball Light remains active for 5 minutes Water resistant & very durable

  • Lights upon impact!.
  • LED stays lit for 5 minutes.
  • Spot the ball in the dark. Be safe, be seen.
  • Water resistant.

 Made from tough, durable, water resistant rubber with batteries included.

Important - This toy is tough but not indestructible.