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Fleece dog blankets and Waterproof Dog Blankets

Quality Dog Fleece Blankets in a wide range of colours and a waterproof option. Hard wearing, compact, transportable, cosy, washable and quick-drying - fleece dog blankets are indispensable! If you are travelling with your pooch then a blanket can act as car seat cover, boot liner and a protective layer for hotel sofas or beds. Just throw it on the floor and your dog has a cosy place to curl up and snooze. If you want to protect furniture or your car from a wet and muddy dog then a waterproof dog blanket is your best bet. For larger dogs or more comfort then opt for a double thickness dog fleece blanket.

Common questions about a waterproof dog blanket or dog fleece blanket

Q. What is Sherpa fleece?
A. Fleece is a stretch knit polyester fabric. Sherpa fleece is a special type of fleece that has two different sides; a flat knitted one and a soft fluffy side. This thicker fluffier side makes a sherpa fleece blanket more comfy and cosy for your dog.
Q. Are Waterproof dog blankets comfy?
A. One side of the dog blanket is sherpa fleece so it is fluffy and cosy for your dog to snuggle down on. The other side of the dog blanket is coated in a fully machine washable waterproof coating which will prevent water and mud from soaking into the surface below.
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Waterproof Dog Blankets logo
Waterproof Dog Blankets

Sherpa Fleece Blankets - Waterproof Backed Single Thickness Sherpa Fleece Blankets.

The single thickness fleece blankets with a waterproof backing is the ideal blanket to protect your furnishings fabrics or car seats from your pets or as a basic form of bedding.
Fully Machine washable.


Available in two sizes.
Medium 122 cm X 73 cm.
Large 122 cm X 149 cm.
(All measurements given are subject to slight variations due to manufacturing process).

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Danish Design Dog Blankets

Thick Fleecey Dog Blankets in Paw Print.

This traditional, thick, sherpa fleece dog blanket is designed with warmth, comfort and practicality in mind.