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Flavorit Berry Bone
Flavorit Berry Bone
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Flavorit Berry Bones

Your Dogs Flavorit Chew


Infused with Berry Flavour, this nylon chew has an innovative design that allows you to fill the flavour cells on the outside of the bone with your dogs favorite spreadable treat.


Suggested spread combos; Fill the cells with Peanut Butter, Cheese, Yogurt, Banana, Apple sauce or cottage cheese.  You can even enhance the spreads bu blending in bacon, parsley, cooked chicken, cooked salmon, vanilla or Peas.

Dishwasher proof.


4 Sizes available:


Small for dogs up to 15lbs

Medium for dogs up to 30lbs

Large for dogs up to 50lbs

X-Large for dogs over 50lbs


They are extremely durable and will provide hours of enjoyment and chewing satisfaction!


Always buy a chew suitable for your pet, supervise while chewing and remove if damaged.