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Aboistop compact (SR)
Aboistop compact (SR)
Aboistop compact (SR) Collar Unit
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Aboistop Compact Citronella Collar Refurbished.

Aboistop Compact, Anti bark citronella spray collar.Comes complete with Citronella refill, battery and instructions.


3 Months Warranty

Understanding Your Dog.

Barking is a natural form of behaviour for a dog. A dog that barks to give warning of an intruder or a danger, or to communicate his joy to his master, is simply expressing his emotional state. However, if your dog forms the habit of barking at the slightest external provocation, this behaviour becomes distressing. Not only to you, obviously, but also to your dog, which gets into a more or less constant state of excitement and becomes unable to concentrate on other activities. When barking becomes excessive, it is therefore necessary gently to re-train your dog.

We all have the right to live with a pet. However, we are responsible for making sure that our companion is not a nuisance to others. Imagine, for a moment, what our neighbours must feel when they are subjected to incessant noise from a dog: elderly people who have a rest during the day, students who need to concentrate to prepare for examinations. These problems can sometimes grow so serious that the owner has no option but to get rid of his dog. To prevent things from reaching this stage, and solve the problems as soon as they arise, 'Dynavet' have designed a unit that safely and painlessly encourages your dog not to bark.

The moment your dog barks, a spray of citronella, painless and harmless, is released and surprises it. The effect of surprise is sufficient to interrupt the dog in its undesirable behaviour. In a few days, the dog learns to keep quiet while wearing the collar and concentrate on more normal activities. No more trouble with the neighbours !

No traumatising sensation, no side effects on the dog or his sense of smell, as soon as you want to allow your dog to express himself as before (to guard the house, when you're staying in the country, etc) all you have to do is remove his collar.

Aboistop Compact.

Anti Bark Control Collar.

3 Months Warranty.
This Product is suitable for all sizes of dog.

Aboistop Bark Collar
Aboistop Bark Collar
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